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Sound menu and System Preferences

From here, you can also drag the blue dot to set panning. I set my D3 to Yep, I'm a little spoiled with my Mac's audio setup. My Rode Podcaster mic is set to No surprise there considering I spend so much time recording podcasts. There are a couple buttons tucked away at the bottom of the device list. The plus button lets you create Multi-Output Devices -- or groups of outputs that act as a set of speakers. I set up one that includes my D3 and AirPlay so I can play the same audio at my desk and through my home entertainment center.

Think of it as a poor man's Sonos in that you can play the same music through speakers in different parts of your home or office simultaneously. Aggregate Devices, also available from the plus button, let you group together audio outputs to create your own multi-channel system from speakers you already own. Multi-Output and Aggregate devices show up in the Sound Preference Pane's Output tab just like the rest of your speakers. The gear button hides a pop-up menu where you can set default input and output devices, and even set specific outputs for general audio and system sounds.

Audio Preferences - VOX for MAC: - VOX Community

Translation: You can use one set of speakers just for your Mac's alert sounds. With great power comes great responsibility, so use your new-found skills for good. The devices created there will show up as normal audio devices in the system preferences' "Sound" settings.

UAD Basics: Routing Mac System Sound to Virtual Channels in Console

The Multi-Output Device seems to be what you are looking for. It will output the audio to all devices enabled in the right part of the window.

The Aggregate Device allows you to join multiple sound cards to simulate one audio device with more output channels e. Sign up to join this community.

How to Output Your Mac's Audio to Two Pairs of Headphones at the Same Time

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to use multiple audio outputs of a mac simultaneously? Ask Question.

Asked 2 years, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 25k times. Is it possible to stream audio to ALL this devices simultaneously and synchronously?

Thanks for the answer. For now, I have made only one test.

How to Output Mac Audio to Two Audio Devices

I tried to create a multiple device with my external USB audio card, the internal speakers of my screen and a bluetooth speaker. Result: the sound is output only from the external sound card. But I do not despair, I will try again very soon and study the problem. This is great!

Sound menu and System Preferences