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In this step you will install the Eclipse IDE. The very first time that Eclipse is started, the IDE will ask you to assign storage space for your workspace.

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  • Setting up the Developer Environment!
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This is not your application development workspace despite the notice in this window. Check "Use this as the default and do not ask again".

Download the starter package from:. Unzip the archive and copy the contents into a directory, Ex. Throughout the Get Started guide we will refer to the base directory of your development environment as. For example:.

Programming Android, 2nd Edition by Masumi Nakamura, G. Blake Meike, Laird Dornin, Zigurd Mednieks

Android ADT installation in the next step will use this path to identify the Android development environment. For troubleshooting Android related issues and for more detailed instructions on the Android SDK set-up, please refer to the following:. This package is installed from within Eclipse. Add the url. Eclipse component selection. After reviewing this selection and accepting the license terms, the downloader fetches the files and puts them in your Eclipse directory.

After accepting the certificate and an automatic restart of Eclipse, the installation of the Android ADT is complete.

Install ADT and SDK in Eclipse

To develop for Android, support for the appropriate Android platform must be installed. Android SDK component selection. Android component license acceptance.

The "Local Package Directory" holds the downloaded packages. Choose a download site with a known fast connection near you. When the package information is downloaded you will see a hierarchical browser to select packages. Select the following package from the hierarchy for download:. So I downloaded the android sdk, and I set the location in eclipse using eclipse preferences.

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But whenever I try to start a new android application project, after I enter the name of the app the next and finish buttons are grayed out also when I click the drop down list for compile with there are no options to choose from. Also the same problem when I try to create new AVD.

The after filling out information the ok button is grayed out. So I googled and found one which I downloaded.

SDK Manager | Android Developers

If u can help with links to a legit version of the SDK that would be great. I is there another way to get it or do I have to do without? This is basically the last step I before I can start coding my apps. Btw, you really need a computer upgrade.

How To Set Android SDK Path In Windows And Mac

Ok thanks. Do u think I should chance downloading android studio.? I had to do a major clean up just to get the SDK, java and eclipse Unfortunately i have to make due for the moment.

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When you do finally get a new computer though, you should definitely use Android Studio since Eclipse is no longer recommended for Android development. And in that case, you would need to download a full API set so you can use the emulator the System Images are for use with the emulator. Thanks alot.

Setting Up An Android App Build Environment With Eclipse, Android SDK, PhoneGap (Fedora 14)

Nothing from extras as yet and no API whatsoever. Could that be the problem.? Also there are several older versions of the SDK build-tools.