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In , CalMac ferries carried about million passengers. The most heavily- used routes were: Wemyss Bay - Rothesay (,); Largs - Cumbrae.

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How do you stay up to date in this fast⁠-⁠moving industry?

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Permalink to comment September 7, Jasa Website Jakarta. Permalink to comment October 4, Permalink to comment October 5, Selector Hacks: Permalink to comment November 1, Permalink to comment January 18, Is there any separate hack for chrome ,and separate hack for safari. Permalink to comment February 20, Permalink to comment April 26, Permalink to comment May 9, More Browser hacks at BrowserHacks. Permalink to comment June 11, Permalink to comment July 4, Permalink to comment October 2, Permalink to comment November 19, Permalink to comment December 17, Permalink to comment February 11, Permalink to comment December 20, Adrian Harris.

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CSS hacks for Google Chrome web browser.

Permalink to comment June 8, Shah Alom. Permalink to comment February 24, Do you have any idea to write only Safari browser specific css …. Permalink to comment June 22, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We have a Code of Conduct. Be cool. Be helpful. The web is a big place. Have fun. High five. More about that here: Please be aware that these are hacks, and some of them are truly non-standard CSS code which is why only some browsers are affected by them and will not filter through SASS or other compilers or filters because they try to remove the non-standard data or convert to cross-browser form which completely destroys what we are trying to do here.

To use them anyway, in many cases you must use your filter first, then apply the hack afterward. Such is the nature of a hack and does require the extra work of either including an external unfiltered CSS file or code block afterward. For 9 specifically, I have been working on a page for that, so — rather than retype the same code, go here for hacks to affect Safari 9 including a hack for iOS only now: Below is a hack that separates 6.

See Test Pages: Like Like. We have just applied this fix in a bootstrap 4 based template and it works. However, with the 2nd empty media query the scss compiler obviously throws an error for improper syntax. Adding it after it has been compiled was not a viable long-term solution, so we tried removing the 2nd media query altogether.

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We have tested it, the compiler agrees and it works! You will find problems with the hack by removing it, the second media query rules out MANY other browsers.

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In other words you have rendered much of what it does useless. The way you have to use those is enter them after the scss processor is complete. What you have is just a partial. Like Liked by 1 person. Current browsers handle nested media queries as a standard so scss may be okay with it. X — however you can use one that targets 5. Adding and all to the second media query in. I suppose there is no real way other than adding it in after compiling.

Which will suck — the site is going live but will be added to in the future — We can not forget to keep putting it in manually after compiling the scss files every time we change something in the scss files. Of course, that is just the nature of the beast with non-standard browser-targeted css hacks that rely on bugs rather than programmatic forms. And you are welcome of course. You are correct, the dual media query is NOT just for one browser, it rules out many that should not be included.

Most old browsers are also ruled out by the dual query. If you remove it the hack is rendered nearly useless, so it is not recommended. This is the only solution that worked after many, many hours of banging my head against a brick wall. Thank you!!! You are very welcome — it took a very large amount of time and effort to create these as I had the same frustration — and keeping the results to myself seemed a little unfair!

No because they are actually the same engine. Chrome and Firefox are using the Safari engine under the hood. You need to use the Safari hacks to target all three.

CSS Hack for Google Chrome and Safari 4

You can use javascript to separate them, but they respond to the Safari hacks entirely. At approximately I wanted to fix the footer in safari. We use angular2. Is there any thing else that can be done. Media queries go outside of general css — you need to try this instead — post your media query after the rule not within it.

Try it like this:. That should do it for you.

Treat media queries and supports features for that matter as wrappers instead of regular css code and it will help you in general. Also, the missing space is a hack not needed here, a space should be after media. This one should read like so for example: By that token the other two should be inverted.

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The reason it works, and how you have to use it with a site that filters code — many CSS hacks cannot be resolved that way: It is not valid code for most browsers, which is why it works only for Safari. Elaborating— the reason it is like that with Safari is that it takes more than a simple CSS change to work with Safari and separate it from Chrome. This problem has required more aggressive methods that rely on how it handles error checking among other things. To separate them, one must rely on finding CSS that does not process or validate in one browser but is allowed by the other.

So while some CSS hacks are simple and will validate through filters or compilers, not all of them will do that because the way they work is to confound all browsers except the target, not be allowed by them. For that matter, those versions of Safari are also far out of date fyi. It may need an edit… would you kindly provide any information at all about your project so I or someone else may be able to help you?

Hack 1: @media and -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio

More explanation is needed to verify or assist. Thanks in advance. Linda, if this is truly an honest response please include a live example. If you have css code inside only the css block for safari You need to use the whole hack not just a part of it and also not put it through any filtering programs that alter it. The whole point is to segregate css code from other browsers so it may very well be working properly.

Unfortunately I have had no examples provided to me showing lack of validity in usage and cannot help without being provided any. If you do actually need a CSS hack for Safari You need to also have good css for the other browsers — outside of the wrapper that I provided you. Additionally, the code for any of the Would you advise starting with a free platform like Wordpress or go for a paid option? Any recommendations? Appreciate it!

A free one is great to start with, wordpess is fine — you can always upgrade and add features later. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content.