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In , CalMac ferries carried about million passengers. The most heavily- used routes were: Wemyss Bay - Rothesay (,); Largs - Cumbrae.

People did it for the Windows version of the game, I want to do it for macOS. Thank you. Posted: Tue Oct 30, pm. Why not just tell us the name of the game you're looking at? My second question would be, are you sure widescreen support is feasible at all? I wasn't aware Sheepshaver could run in widescreen. I expect for starters you'll want some kind of debugger or disassembler, but I wouldn't know what the best options are for PPC.

Simple Reverse Engineering on Mac

The game is Age of Empires II. I run SheepShaver at x too, in fullscreen. I would start by making absolutely sure no one's gone down this path before. There are probably many things done to the Windows version that might apply directly to the PPC version, once you understand how they were done to the Windows version in the first place.

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But I also expect that, as noted in your other thread , almost everyone will tell you to use WineSkin or a virtual machine. The people who made the Windows patch seems not wanting to share their work.

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The point is not only to play Age of Empires, but to play the original Mac version. Overall seems simpler to setup and play using SheepShaver. The problem is multiplayer. And Voobly for Windows offers many rooms and people to play with. But there is something every time convincing me to want to continue make this upgraded version of Age for Mac. Also, I was thinking Posted: Wed Oct 31, am. There was Jasik debugger also, but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

How To Set Up A Safe Environment To Test Malware

Posted: Wed Oct 31, pm. MACSbug is a lot like gdb or windbg in how it operates, except that you are sitting on "bare metal" of the machine, underneath most of the OS.

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  • After familiarizing yourself with the reference listed, you should be able to set breakpoints and isolate flow issues. The task becomes easy since the six colors are hardcoded in the binary. I just need to find where exactly and change the values to ones I like more. The colors are listed in the menu.

    Reverse Engineering Mac OS X

    Each color has a name next to an icon. The names should be localized using some string as a key. Maybe then I will get another hint. By default, strings are Binary Plists.

    One can use plutil to convert them into human-readable XML:. As far as I know nib files used to have some proprietary binary format.

    The MainMenu contains 20k lines. Also, it is quite cryptic:. Ok, I can modify menu entries. I usually use MachOView if I need to look into a binary.

    Understanding binary structure

    Instead of searching for other words hoping that I will find something useful I can ask class-dump for help. Shallow look at Stickies. Hm, what does it mean? Eventually, I left the questions open. Then I decided to look at the binary through the excellent Hopper app.

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    Then, based on this index some offset is calculated. If an index is zero, then the offset is zero as well. Hence we can ignore it at this stage. The method accepts color components as double s, where 0 corresponds to 0, and 1 corresponds to An interval between the values - 8 bytes, which perfectly fits into a double.

    It looks like these are exactly the colors I am looking for. This pattern repeats four times, meaning that four colors are used to colorize a sticky note view. Now I know where the colors reside in code. I need to find them in the binary. The address of a first color component is 0xc